Brown Bag Special Documentaries

Brown Bag Special image

 Every Tuesday during June and July we will show a documentary film.  Starts at Noon, and lasts just under one hour.  Bring your sack lunch.  Free and open to the public.

June 4 – Roses: Queen of Flowers –  This flower has been a favorite for thousands of years

June 11 – Magic Lakes  Welcome to the Mecklenburg lake district that houses around 2000 lakes

June 18 – Living Volcanoes – Discover how volcanoes also nurture and create life

June 25 – Chasing the Wind (Equus: Story of the Horse) – Humans have interacted with horses over the years, creating numerous breeds

July 2 –  Seasons of the Sea  – Visit the  creatures of the Pacific Ocean

July 9 – Operation: Lift Off  (NASA, A Journey Through Space) The United States in the space race

July 16 – Shooting for the Moon  (NASA, A Journey Through Space) –  JFK lays out the space race goal – man on the moon

July 23 – – The Apollo Missions  (NASA, A Journey Through Space) – The Apollo Missions culminating in the Moon landing

July 30  – Kingdom of the Forest   Explore Europe’s primeval forests

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