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Brown Bag Special Documentaries




Join us for a documentary film every Tuesday at Noon.  Patrons are invited to bring  a sack lunch, drinks will be provided.  All films are free and open to the public, and are approximately 50 minutes in length.


September & October


Sept. 5 -New York (How the Earth was Made)

A look at the geological makeup of the land under the city

Sept 12 – Audubon

The life of naturalist and 19th century painter, John James Audubon

Sept 19 -The Blue Planet: Seasonal Seas

Beautiful footage of the seasonal changes & extraordinary life in the oceans

Sept 26- The Presidents (Washington-Monroe)

An overview of the US Presidents 1789-1825

Oct 3 -The Presidents (John Q. Adams-Polk)

An overview of the US Presidents 1825-1849

Oct 10 -The Presidents (Taylor – Lincoln)

An    overview of the US Presidents 1849-1865

Oct 17- Earth Flight: Europe

Cameras soar with the birds in this stunning journey of the birds of Europe

Oct 24 – Nebulas (The Universe)

Take a tour through the art gallery of the universe & view the gorgeous nebulas in space

Oct 31 – Giraffes

Africa’s gentle giants







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