Brown Bag Special Documentaries




Join us for a documentary film every Tuesday at Noon.  Patrons are invited to bring  a sack lunch, drinks will be provided.  All films are free and open to the public, and are approximately 50 minutes in length.


Spring 2017


March 28 –   Krakatoa (How the Earth was Made)  -Explore the geologic

  history of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history

April 4 – Hubble’s Amazing Universe  – Glimpse the far ends of the Universe as seen through the Hubble telescope

April 11  –  Rivalry is Born (The Men who Built America)

  Andrew Carnegie is featured in this episode

April 18 –   New Rivalry Emerges (The Men who Built America)  –

  JP Morgan  & Thomas Edison are featured in this episode

April 25 – Intelligent Trees  – Groundbreaking scientific findings uncover the secret life of trees

May 2 – Unexplained mysteries (The Universe)  – Delve into the mysteries of the universe.  Time travel? Life on Mars? These and others will be featured in this episode of The Universe.






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