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Brown Bag Special Documentaries


Join us for a documentary film every Tuesday at Noon.  Patrons are invited to bring  a sack lunch.  Coffee will be provided.  All films are free and open to the public, and are approximately 50 minutes in length.

Fall Schedule

Tuesdays at Noon


Sept. 4 – The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies – Fly along with the monarch butterflies as they migrate across the country

Sept 11 – Factory City – See the Factory City in China where workers not only work, but also live

Sept 18 – Danube – Europe’s Amazon Pt 1 – view the breath taking beauty along the banks of this river

Sept 25 – Danube – Europe’s Amazon Pt 2

Oct 2 – Impossible Builds:  Scorpion Tower – This 62 story high luxury skyscraper is radical in design

Oct 9 – America’s Ice Age (How the Earth was Made) – Chart the progress of the ice ages across our continent

Oct 16 – Walking Through History: The Bronte Family –   Explore the life of the Bronte Family & the moors that inspired the settings for their novels

Oct 23 –   America’s Greatest Monuments – Learn more about our Nation’s monuments

Oct 30 – Can We Build a Brain? (NOVA Wonders) – NOVA explores some amazing technologies in this film







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