Brown Bag Documentary

Join us on Tuesdays for a documentary film.  Each film lasts just under 1 hour.  Bring your sack lunch.

Sept 5:  Venus: Death of a  Planet  –  Venus was once home to oceans and rivers.  Why did Earth live and Venus die?

Sept 12: Mysteries of the Great Lakes – This documentary will take you on a journey through the greatest lake system in the world.

Sept 19: George Washington, the man who wouldn’t be king – Take a look at the man who insisted our country be a democracy.

Sept 26: Decoding Neanderthals –  Have we underestimated our  mysterious human cousins?

Oct 3: The Universe Revealed: The Milky Way – Explore what shaped this giant spiral of stars in our night sky.

Oct 10: Daring Women Doctors –  This documentary takes a look at the challenging history of women doctors in the 19th century.

Oct 17: Breakthrough: The Smartphone –  Learn about the events in history that led to the invention of the smart phone.

Oct 24: Rebel –  Learn about Loreta Velazquez, one of over 1000 women who fought in the Civil War in disguise

Oct 31: Wild Scandinavia – Life on the Edge –  Explore the Scandinavian coastline along the Baltic Sea, a place of haunting beauty and dangerous extremes.


Oct 03 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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