Vegetopia: The Kansas Colony Way Ahead of Its Time

July 20, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

“Vegetopia: The Kansas Colony Way Ahead of Its Time,” a presentation and discussion by Diane Eickhoff  The program is made possible by Humanities Kansas.

In 1856 a band of pilgrims, led by the eccentric Henry Clubb, set out to establish “heaven on earth” in Kansas. Even more controversial than their abolitionist stance was their new way of eating, a meatless vegetable diet. This presentation will explore the uniquely American tradition of utopian thinking and the practicality of chasing dreams.

Diane Eickhoff is an independent historian, writer, and editor of education materials. Her most recent historical biography, Clarina Nichols: Frontier Crusader for Women’s Rights, is published by Quindaro Press.

“Vegetopia: The Kansas Colony Way Ahead of Its Time” is part of Humanities Kansas’s Movement of Ideas Speakers Bureau, featuring presentations and workshops designed to share stories that inspire, spark conversations that inform, and generate insights that strengthen civic engagement.

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